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Dolores Alba

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For your convenience we have Two Dolores Alba Hotels strategically located one in Mérida and the other in Chichén Itzá. Our hotels are highly recommended in most of the guide books, to reserve click here.

Besides visiting the attractions that offer this important destinations you can arrange day tours to surrounding sites of interest having as a base Mérida or Chichén Itzá to assure comfort in your accommodations.


Hotels and restaurants Dolores Alba assure your traveling pleasure!!!
Calle 63 No. 464 x 52 y 54 Downtown
Phone: (52)(999)928-56-50 

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Mérida is the largest Spanish Colonial City in Southeast Mexico, it's friendly people will make you feel at home, enjoy it's always nice weather. In Merida no other hotel will give you in rooms and common areas the quietness and spaciousness you are looking for.

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  • Spanish colonial residence with two courtyards, arcades, and corridors filled with charm and beauty, enjoy our more than 20 Frida Kahlo master pieces
  • 100 Quiet Rooms with Private Bath, Balcony & Safety Box
  • Ceiling Fan & Air Conditioning
  • Satellite Remote Controlled Color TV
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Filtered Swimming Pool with the latest Ionization Technology (No Chemicals)
  • One of the few Downtown hotels that offer Guarded and Covered Parking in the same Building
  • Internet Service
  • Meeting Room for up to 80 persons
  • Laundromat
  • Ideal Downtown location
  • Elevator, Easy Access, Inilevel Design
  • Rates from $35 to $55 U.S. Dollars
  • Quality at the Best Price

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How To Get To The Hotel Dolores Alba Mérida ?

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If you arrive by plane or bus is recommended that you take a taxi. If you rent a car at the airport, exit the airport and take the avenue Itzaes to your right until calle 59 where the zoo is, then take 59 to your right until you reach calle 62, turn right until you get to calle 63, (you are now at the main plaza) take calle 63 to your left, the Hotel Dolores Alba Mérida is four and half short blocks away at your right hand side with number 464. Welcome ! ! !.

GPS? N20 57.898 W089 37.109


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What To Visit In Mérida ?

Mérida has a large number attractions. You can visit the museum of archaeology, the "Paseo de Montejo", the "Monumento a la Bandera", the "Ermita de Santa Isabel", the University of Yucatan, the "Parque de Santa Lucia", the Zoo and of course the main square with the Government Palace, the City Hall and the house of the founder Francisco de Montejo, there are also several malls where you can buy almost anything you are looking for, besides the main market which is the most typical shopping place. Mérida also offers every evening free cultural shows in different parks, where you can enjoy the Jarana, our typical dance.

Outside Mérida you can visit Celestun, where you can see the pink flamingos in their natural habitat; Dzibichaltun, a small Maya ruin with its beautiful temple "The seven dolls", there is also a cenote where you can swim ; Uxmal, is the second Mayan city with beautiful architecture that you should not miss; Progreso, for those who want to have a day at the beach; Izamal, a city typically painted yellow, where you will find the largest Franciscan convent in all México.

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Hotels and restaurants Dolores Alba assure your traveling pleasure!!!
Km.122 Mérida-Cancún, Free Road (180)
between the ruins and Balankanche caves
Phone: (52)(985) 851-01-17 - (52)(985) 858-15-55

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Chichén Itzá (open daily from 8 to 17 Hrs) is the largest Mayan city in Southeast México, where one of the most important civilization in the world took place. The marvelous pyramids will amaze you, impossible to describe. The light & sound show will let you see the pyramids at night with an incredible clear sky full of stars (Show Starts at 19 Hrs. on winter, at 20 Hrs. on summer, lasts 42 Min.) admission is 238 mx pesos day time visit and Light & Sound Show 446 mx pesos.

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  • 2 1/2 Hrs. Drive from Cancún Airport
  • Country Style Hotel surrounded by nature's exuberance
  • 40 Bungalows with Bath, Private Terrace & Safety Box 
  • Ceiling Fan & Air Conditioning
  • Satellite Color TV with free HBO
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Two filtered Swimming Pools with Ionization Technology (No Chemicals)
  • Internet Service
  • Guarded Parking
  • Frontal Bus Depot
  • Free Transportation To The Ruins
  • Cenotes At Your Door Step
  • Extensive Gardens
  • Located Between The Ruins And The Sacred Balankanche Caves
  • Rates from $39 to $55 U.S. Dollar
  • Absolutely the Best Option in Quality and Price
  • Picture Gallery

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What To Visit In Chichén Itzá ?

One of the most enjoyable experience is to swim in our special ecological pool which features a splendid natural reef bottom including holes and tunnels created by mother nature millions of years ago and filled with sparkling water of therapeutic properties.

When possible, start your program with the Sound & Light show at Chichén Itzá . It will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful clear sky full of stars along with the Mayan pyramids lighted. This show will serve you as an introduction for the daytime visit the next morning.

The Chichén Itzá ruins are amazing , they are one of the biggest in México, this means you need at least a day to see everything, specially if you like to avoid crowds at noon time. Beware of tours where you would be taken to visit the ruins in the hottest time of the day, we strongly recommend you to stay overnight so you can see the ruins early in the morning and late in the evening.

The Balankanche caves have nice natural formations along with Mayan sanctuaries where they performed ceremonies, there is an underground river at the end, famous for the blind fishes in its water.

Ek Balam is located in northeastern Yucatán about 70 kilometers by road from Chichén Itzá. In ancient times, it was a large city, controlling a populous and prosperous countryside. Its impressive architecture dates, for the most part, to the Late Classic.

There are several Cenotes in which you can swim like the one in Ik Kil right across the hotel (Discount tickets available at the front desk) or Dzitnup with wonderful formations only 30 Km away.

How To Get To The Hotel Dolores Alba Chichén Itzá ?

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If you travel by bus buy tickets here, any second class will gladly drop you at the hotel door, there is one every hour either to Mérida or to Cancun. Time to or from Mérida is 2 hours and to or from Cancun is 3 hours.
If you travel by first class bus you have to take a taxi  to the hotel when you arrive to Chichén Itzá ($60 Pesos). If you go by car we are located at km 122 on the free scenic road 180. We are exactly between the ruins and the Balankanche caves.
Our hotel is located precisely in a place acclaimed as one of the most powerful Cosmic Energy reception centers.

GPS? N20 39.819 W088 32.927


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Hoteles Dolores Alba
Calle 63 No. 464 x 52 y 54.
Mérida, Yucatán, México 97000
Tel. (52) (999) 928-56-50 & (52) (999) 928-31-63

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