Balankanche Caves
Balankanche is located only 6 kilometers from Chichen Itza, via federal highway 180 in the State of Yucatan Mexico.

Balankanche Cave should be visited for the beauty of its natural stone formations and for its archaeological importance as a ceremonial site for the Maya. A light and sound show that relates its history can be seen into the cave.

The first man of modern times to see the treasure of Balankanche was a tour guide from Chichen Itza. In 1959, while exploring the cave, Gomez discovered a passageway leading deep into the caverns. It took him two hours to follow out the path that eventually brought him face to face with the treasures left by the ancient Maya 800
years ago.

Dr. E. Wyllys Andrews, leader of the National Geographic Society Expedition working nearby, was immediately summoned to inspect the discovery. Arriving into the cave, he was astonished when he saw with the beam of his headlamp hundreds of glittering stalactites surrounding a huge stalagmite (resembling a ceiba tree) which stretched from floor to ceiling in the center of the enormous vault. Carefully placed around the base of this unusual geological formation, said to be the "sacred tree inside the earth", were a great variety of ceremonial objects, offering to the rain god Tlaloc and left undisturbed through centuries of darkness.

Years after its rediscovery, the cave of Balankanche was opened to the public, who can now admire the artifacts exhibited in the exact places in which they were found.
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