Dzitnup Cenote
Dzitnup Cenote is about 33 km east of the Dololores Alba Hotel in Chichen Itza. It is stunningly lit with electric lights, the only natural light source being a tiny hole in the cavernous ceiling dripping with stalactites. The water is clean and cool and the swimming is excellent, whilst scary bats swoop down from above. Exploratory walks can also be made through the many passages, which lead off of the cenote, for which a torch is needed.

It is best to visit the cenote early because it can become fairly crowded later in the day. Do not confuse it with the small cenote in town; ask a local for directions and follow the signs to the turnoff. Once you arrive you will be greeted by numerous vendors selling food, jewellery, and pictures of the cenote as well as children offering to watch your car. Buy your entrance ticket at the window to your left and carefully make your way down the stairs into the cavern.

Legend has it that the cenote was found when a pig fell through a large hole in the ground, which turned out to be the ceiling of the cenote, and the owners went to look for it. Locals created a stairway down to the water and have been enjoying it ever since. This cenote could actually be labelled a cavern since there is a limestone ceiling with stalactites still in existence. The water is very refreshing so remember to bring your swimsuit. Around midday, the sunlight comes through the hole in the ceiling and illuminates the turquoise coloured water. This is the best time to view the cavern and take photographs; however, it may be more crowded at this time.